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Famous women Seeker love affairs of all time. thirty editions. Heinrich Kok. translated from French. 1870.

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Love of adventure

Of all time.

In the thirtieth edition.

Op. HEINRICH COCA. Translated from the French.

ISSUE 1st.

St. Petersburg.

The printing Gogenfeddena and co. (You. Island., 3l. № 44).


Allowed censorship. St. Petѳrburg 18 Іyulya 1870

Lady Hamilton.

In 1778, in London, on Morfildskoy area, a tavern there, to look very homely despite its enticing sign. It was called "the famous Shakespeare Tavern"

In the tavern or pub led squattish solid door, before ramshackle that if, one day, someone from the visitors too tightly pulled the mobile, rusty lock on the Ring Nebula, it would have shattered into smithereens.

The first room at the entrance, where the revenues, called «dar-room» - then drank standing.

The second room - tap-room - which usually sat workers and artisans.
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