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This book - the second of the five books, parts of the book "The Adventures of Pinky and Ponca. Volume 1 ". It is written in the genre of fantasy about the amazing adventures of light men, bubbles Pink and Ponca, bold and curious brothers and sisters who love to jump, tumble and even perelёtyvat by air. In this book they are during the summer vacation, traveling on the amazing underworld, meet-speaking Serpent Queen, help the good Fairy-Queen spell myshelёtov accidents, get acquainted with cute dwarfs and mysterious ogneshkami that reveal their secrets of his kingdom and his unusual inhabitants. All adventure bubbles miraculously completed successfully. In the book, 28 pp., 2 ill.

In addition to this book up for sale another four-part book - "The Adventures of Pinky and the Ponca in the mountains," "Bubbles in Zmeygorynovom kingdom", "Journey to the Enchanted forest", "In the depths of the blue sea," as well as the whole book "The Adventures of Pinky and Ponca. Volume 1 ", which includes all five parts. All books in formats pdf, epub, mobi.
In addition, for sale an interesting book for teens, "Journey to the Sunduki", tells the story of an unusual nature and archeological monuments in the open air "Mountains Sunduki" in Khakassia, which is, according to Professor Laricheva, the ancient astronomical observatory end of the Bronze Age, like Stonehenge. The book is richly illustrated with photographs of the author. In the book, 44 pages.
More for sale photo-album for adults "Faces of the Elements," which placed 170 photographs images Elementals four elements of Mother Nature. In the book of 146 pages.
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