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This package contains solutions for easy navigation neobohdimye firms by region and city.
1) Modification "Country-> area-> City", it allows you to install step-location from country to city for organizations

Details are here ->

2) Moditsikatsiya "Basic geolocation" to create a sort of firms ranging from the home page, for these regions.

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3) The module "Filter map search". Search Form indicating region, categories and keywords and outputting the result as a map, and in a tabular format

Details are here ->

4) Module "CHECKBOX CATEGORY" displays a beautiful and convenient form of category selection using chikboksov. It is necessary for the search form on the map, if you specify the categories as a result of the request.

Details are here ->

5) Module Automatic detection of coordinates. "Allows one-click install for firms their coordinates on the map. The conclusion comes in the form of coordinates on the map and search the Base geolocation.

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The price of all modules is $ 136 package

The package price is $ 107

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