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The course is completely rewritten, with the latest software updates Key Collector! Date of recording of the video - August 10, 2013. All information is absolutely working.

You get the following information materials:

Options and functionality Key Collector - that how the program that should be used when collecting core that not; Settings made in the form of a Word file with screenshots - simple and clear. Exhibiting the same at home and work without a proxy;

Gathering kernel Stateyny site

Drawing up the core structure of the future site;

Parsing competitors (free and paid methods);

Gathering key tools collector screenings pacifiers, inefficient and highly competitive key;

Grouping (described as a manual mode, and the author of "know-how" for automation);

Using the collected keys (a detailed account of how to add keys to the site of the nucleus on several practical examples).


Selection keys for Yandex Direct (I tell filtering features keys for the Republic of Kazakhstan and their practical application to improve CTR and reduce the cost of clicks)

Quick traffic for operating the site (especially for the selection of the core site indexed and rapid increase of attendance)


Online stores and affiliate (the nuances and the procedure for compiling the kernel for online stores)


authoring tool to query when creating a nucleus for online shopping

parser open statistics Liveinternet

Generator unique title and discription.

A week after the deal references organize webinar. In a previous purse webinar held, those who could not attend, get a link to download the video.

Promises his I always met, so that all participants will be able to personally clubbed to ask me questions. In addition, the current problems can be discussed in a private topic for participants purse.

I think this set of information will be extremely useful in the work to promote the site.
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