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Life hacking (layfhaking from hack) - a set of methods and techniques "hacking" surrounding life to simplify the process of achieving these goals using various tips and clever tricks. Usually layfhaker does not create new techniques, but simply owns the existing ones.

I make a living selling online. I sell physical goods.

What is included in the material?

Who better to call.

The best time to call.

Myth webmasters to speed proring.

How to start a conversation, how to quickly react to unusual situations.

What emphasis in the conversation.

Is it better to keep silent.

What to do when lining logistics.

Life Stories, an unusual situation.

Increasing foreclosures - own (negative) experience.

Dropshipping, how to organize and what to look for.

Claims and conflicts as to smooth out the rough edges.

Courier, responsibilities and risks.
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