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attentionWe can help with the acquisition of the character of any race and the pumping of different directions - in contrast to guided ships and a set of necessary skills. Thanks to our service you can buy the Eve account you need with already well-padded characters, or buy your EVE pilot on your account. After all, for a good pilot - a universal professional in his field - it takes whole years of real time.
In Eve online, each player understands that for an active and successful game, he will need a very long period of learning skills, which greatly weakens the player´s interest. And then there are several options for developing opportunities to play - the first, long - with a very expensive amount of personal time and time to buy game time, the second - a short one, immediately buying the pumped-up character EVE online pilot or even the whole account.
It is much easier to acquire an EVE pilot than to wait for the time to study for your pilot - after all, every new skill level is studied 5 times more than the previous one. Therefore, the easiest way out of this situation is to buy an EVE pilot or an EVE account. Moreover, at the same time you can not learn several different skills at the same time, each eve character must do it consistently, one by one.
Our service offers to buy an Eve account or EVE pilot with the necessary skills and skills. The price of the characters depends on the pumped skills, but in any case - the purchase will greatly accelerate the process of obtaining pleasure from the game.
The most important thing - the sale of characters in Eve online is officially permitt
15.10.2016 16:24:40
Супер всё быстро.Всё подскажут

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