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The tactic is called "Humrty Dumrty"

This is not a button "loot" and not one of the guides who read 1 times

can understand everything, will have to sweat, a lot of things to explore and material

strain gyrus, but I'm sure if you master it if you do not blunt and

lazy, what is work in real life, and you will forget for a long time.

30 pages of descriptions in .pdf format includes:

- The strategy (Draw, Draw + Handicap, Handicap)

- Selection Criteria (Statistics Motivation House \\ Away amounted Line)

- Important points (12 pieces);

- Championships (Major, Minor)

- Sites;

- Useful for BC (Bwin, Bet365, Good BC, Black List)

- Bypass from the provider (4 ways)

- On Limits (3 points)

- Game Modes (Light, Hard, Light + Normal + Hard)

Should this strategy is no less than 10 000 rubles.

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