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Suitable for payment only Russian PSN!

Activate the payment card to your account PSN Playstation Store. After activating your card balance will be activated for a period of 90 days.
Suitable for all models of game consoles Sony PlayStation.
Attention! This payment card is suitable only for Russian accounts PSN.

To activate the card and transfer of funds to the user will need to enter a 12-digit numerical code
then you can easily (within the available amount in your wallet) download the materials on PlayStation Store,
using any platform with support for PSN.

PlayStation Network - it is a separate independent platform with a variety of services and applications, the list of which is constantly growing:
• Demos \ videos of new games,
• Additional content that enhances the gaming experience - add-ons
• maps, themes, new missions, artifacts, etc.
• video, comics, other multimedia content ...
• rapidly expanding base directory PlayStation games
• Exclusive PSN games

Instructions on how to activate the purchased prepaid card PSN:
1. Create Russian PlayStation Network account (or use an existing);
2. Visit the Playstation Store shop c using any of the Playstation or the Media Go software for
PSP on your PC;
3. Select the icon "Redemption Code" in the "Showcase" menu;
4. Enter the redemption of the purchased PSN code consisting of 12 characters, and select "Continue".
5. Activate the card using the on-screen prompts.
Tech support
07.09.2017 15:35:06
Все хорошо, карта успешно погасилась.
15.08.2017 16:20:47
все супер

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