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You buy the official activation key (KEY) of the game DIABLO 3 from 1C-Softklab. After the first purchase you get a discount on all subsequent purchases of our products.

The key you receive immediately after payment in the browser window which opens after payment. Also the duplicate links on a page with a KEY will come to your e-mail that you used when you purchased.

The key is pre-loaded on trading platform and the process of payment and delivery is fully automated. Unique digital key is displayed in the browser immediately after the completion of the payment procedure in the "paid product", but here You will be able to leave a short review about the purchase. The link to the page with the goods will be sent an email and You get access to the key again. To leave feedback or view all past purchases log into your personal account on the website

Game description:

Twenty years have passed since then, as in the Shrine had been ravaging hordes of the undead under leadership of the mighty demon Diablo, Mephisto and Baal, but those who fought against an ancient evil, still cherish the memory of the terrible events of those days... In search of knowledge, which will help to overcome the new incarnation of evil, Deckard Cain returned to the ruins Tristrams Cathedral. And then from heaven, enveloped in flames, down the Herald of the Apocalypse: the blow fell on the very spot where once penetrated into the world of Diablo. Heavenly flame has awakened an ancient Evil. The hour has struck! Heroes of sanctuary must once again rise up to defend the mortal realm from the raging forces of the underworld.

Game features

--Corporate identity. Explore the vast sanctuary — a dark Gothic world, in Diablo III, which gained three-dimensionality. The game has all the elements that have become the hallmark of the series, — in a special way generated levels, each time different, no matter how much you returned to the game, constantly attacking the monsters, random events, unique quests, a wide variety of subjects, and, of course, detailed story about the eternal battle of the forces of Heaven and Hell and the fate of people, unwittingly or consciously involved in this confrontation.

-Five classes. Diablo III offers a choice of five character classes, four of which — the sorcerer, wizard, demon hunter and monk — brand new. In the Arsenal of the same barbarian who is well-versed in Diablo II, there will be many new methods and techniques to fight with monsters. Now every class has its own energy system and offers unique play style.

-Fine tuning. Diablo III allows you to modelirovanie character´s skills. With runes it is possible to change the type of damage, accuracy and range, increase attack new effects, even change the very nature of their visual abilities and the incarnation.
One is a warrior. Thanks to the modernization of the platform multiplayer game became even more dynamic and richer, and the connection is more stable. The owners of the Russian version of Diablo III will be able to play on European servers. But if you do not wish to share with anyone the game, in the battle with the forces of evil you can support computer-controlled companions.And much more in this game)))

This is the official version from 1C-Softklab.

Activation key:

1. Log in to your account and enter your username and password.
2. Enter the purchased key the link
3. After you activate the key, you can download the game client.

All good game)))
16.08.2017 15:46:19
Замечательный продавец!
оплатил, сразу же пришел ключик в виде текстового файла!
Спасибо большое)
13.01.2016 19:16:03
Все отлично, хочу подарок
20.11.2015 22:22:19
Пришло фото кода на почту, ввел на сайте и всё прекрасно работает (заказывал у этого продавца и игру и дополнение)
Спасибо =)
Хочу подарок.
12.09.2015 18:13:25
Все очень очень хорошо! Хочу подарок
07.09.2015 19:49:59
Всё прекрасно сработало! Хочу подарок.
28.08.2015 14:51:03
Огромное спасибо. Очень быстро произошла оплата и был получен ключик. Пошел наслаждаться игрой...
29.05.2015 19:30:40
Ключ рабочий, хочу подарок!
24.05.2015 0:28:47
Ключ пришел сразу))))Хочу подарок
23.05.2015 15:45:31
Спасибо, ключ пришел сразу. Хочу подарок.
22.05.2015 20:09:23
я рад!
22.05.2015 14:39:39
Всё пришло, хочу подарок.
19.05.2015 20:40:49
Всё замечательно! Купил и активировал игру буквально за минуту-две! Хочу подарок) Gift
17.05.2015 11:45:17
Всё хорошо,спасибо!! Хочу подарок!=)
09.05.2015 19:44:49
Все быстро и хорошо) хочу подарок
08.05.2015 10:50:33
Спасибо , все хорошо !
08.05.2015 10:11:20
+хочу подарок
08.05.2015 0:05:14
Ключ пришёл, спасибо, жду подарка.
07.05.2015 13:35:25
Оплатил, код получил сразу, рекомендую :)
03.05.2015 18:22:11
Благодарю за игру (подарок).
01.05.2015 18:48:25
От подарка тоже не откажусь

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