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Over time, the database and image file inconsistencies and redundant entries. Regardless of whether they were caused by a malfunction during operation, the user attempts to edit the data, excluding dependencies, or for some other reasons, one way or another they need to edit and edit.
This set of tools will be counted and distribute data according to the structure of the database catalog, as well as to clean the base and dependent files are unnecessary records.
The module optimizes database, redistributing
- The number of firms in the categories and subcategories podpodkategoriyah
- The number of publications in firms
- The number of positive and negative reviews in firms
- The number of comments in the news
- The number of news categories.
Deletes unnecessary record from the database files and their corresponding non-existent organization of the remote data, including
- Products Organization
- Prices organization
- Publication of the organization
- Reviews the organization
- Branches of the organization
- Videos organizations
- The organization of files
- Image organization
- Ratings Organizations
- Statistics Organization
And delete comments prior to the remote object
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