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A good book should be an intriguing name - and with it the book "Qigong Chinese Shamanov" everything is fine: the intrigue failed!

Who are these "Chinese shamans," the book is somehow silent, but that´s about Qigong tells quite interesting and understandable. If you are already engaged in wushu, then this publication is for you. If you are just going to start training - is likely to be disappointed: in fact, there are no methods of struggle, and qigong in general, much broader "just struggle". Qigong this movement, and peace; thought and concentration - all the things that explain a word is very difficult, but it really feel in practice. That she offers to do the author - the book contains quite an interesting set of exercises "Tiger Qigong," so that you can evaluate the effects of such training themselves. The complex can be carried out both as a morning session (and what it actually is), and during basic.
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