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Description script calculator camcorders


Script calculator on javascript and html for the site. It allows visitors to calculate the cost of the set for the entrance camera, depending on the basic configuration and quantity.

General information on the script calculator camcorders


? - the script has a detailed job description.

? - to select the number of cameras, the user can use html elements of type "Slider" and "Drop-down list" that overlap. By moving the slider, the user can select the number of cameras and know the cost of video surveillance systems in the entrance.

? - the ability to change the value of each position.

? - the ability to temporarily disable any kit.

? - the results of html output can be used any css styles.

? - a simple and easy addition of new sets by adding one line to the new data. To display the final value, you must also add one html tag. The script will determine that added a new kit and will tag on the page where you want to display the final amount.

? - The "slider" is a new element in HTML5 and if any does not support it yet, it will always work item "drop-down list."

Characteristics script Calculator Camcorder:


? - The code calculator is added directly to the page material Joomla. Code calculator is not an independent module or extension Joomla.

? - If you add (or edit) the code calculator page material Joomla, you must disable the javascript filtering settings Joomla and visual editor TinyMce (or otherwise), as He cuts all the javascript code and some of the attributes of html tags.

? - This calculator was successfully inserted correctly and working in Joomla 2.5. Box was carried off with a fully visual editor on page "Advanced" => "Plugin Manager: Editor - TinyMCE» => «Status: off".

? - Learn how to add javascript code to the Joomla system can be found here or here, or use a special plug-ins

? - script calculator works correctly in browsers: Yandex Browser (yes), Safari (yes), Opera (yes), Google Chrome (yes), FireFox (yes), IE (not defined).

Snippet script calculator video:


arrCam [1] = [´Base´, 30000, 3000, 500];

arrCam [2] = [´Pro´, 35000, 4000, 600];

arrCam [3] = [´IP camera´, 40000, 5000, 700];

arrCam [4] = [´Name´, 45000, 5000, 700];

? - to add new Included Parts just need to add a new line, for example:

arrCam [4] = [´Name´, 45000, 5000, 700];

Description of the values \u200b\u200bin one row:

1st value - is the name of the kit. For example ´Basic´.

2nd value - the price of a set of ´basic´ prices without cameras. For example, 30,000.

Third value - the price of a single camera for a set of "Basic". For example, 3000.

4th value - the price of installing a camera for a set of "Basic". For example, 500.

The formula for calculating the script calculator video:


Total price of the set = + (price + the price of a single camera setup one camera) * number of cameras.
========== ========== License

The copyright belongs to the script site

The algorithm for calculating the data and structure of the script is protected by copyright.

Any copying and distribution of the script without the consent of prosecuted.

Do not:


1.Pereprodazha script and other resources.

2.Publichnaya publishing script code.

3.Prisvoenie authorship.

Permission is granted to:


1.Ustanavlivat script for unlimited

their sites, edit and modify the code.
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