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Script calculator on javascript and html for the site. It allows visitors to calculate the cost of site design depending on its complexity: simple, complex, or an online store. So as, in addition to the overall cost of the design, you can include the cost of the layout with multiple design options.

Script calculator website design allows you to choose the following options:


? Type of design: simple, complex or an online store (drop-down list select).

? The cost of typesetting (checkbox).

? Number of design options (text field)

Script calculator website design calculates and displays:

================================================== ===

? The total cost of website design "Total".

Technical information on the calculator website design:

================================================== ===

? Support: Opera (yes), Yandeks.Brauzer (yes), Google Chrome (yes), Firefox (yes), Safari (yes), Internet Explorer (not defined).

? Dynamic analysis of data without reloading the page.

? open source CSS. Just change the style and create a unique design of the calculator.

? open source Javascript with comments makes it possible to further increase the functional calculator.

? calculator is not a plug-in module or Joomla or Wordpress, added directly in the code of the village.

The formula for calculating the cost of the calculator script website design:


Total = type of design * number of design options + price typesetting;
========== ========== License

The copyright belongs to the script site

The algorithm for calculating the data and structure of the script is protected by copyright.

Any copying and distribution of the script without the consent of prosecuted.

Do not:


1.Pereprodazha script and other resources.

2.Publichnaya publishing script code.

3.Prisvoenie authorship.

Permission is granted to:


1.Ustanavlivat script for unlimited

their sites, edit and modify the code.
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