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The abundance of books and videos karate recent years that way forties almost nearly killed interest in the martial arts. "Karate" is in the beam event of a yawn, and at worst - all sorts of accusations of "unreality" and "it does not happen." The trend of more "prdvinutye" Arts - MMA and his ilk, Thai boxing, kick, and other melee fatal.

Meanwhile, karate is good - proof of that is set out in sufficient detail book style Tsu Shin Gen. The author of this quite decent remake - fairly well-known to readers of the book Power Karate Shihan David Cook. Tsu Shin Gen he boldly calls "modernize and improve Ashihara Karate" (although too much "modernize", given that Ashihara - itself a remake). In the book you will find a good, well-contact karate description - and that´s it. In fact, it is the same good old Kekushinkay where you can beat your head in your hands, to fight and to perform choking techniques. In fact, just what to do and karate truly uncompromising and effective weapon. But more in general it is not necessary ...

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