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Battlefield 3: Close Quarters "is a themed set of add-ons that transfers the action of the Battlefield 3 team game in tight spaces.Adrenaline from melee in a confined space is complemented by a unique destruction in high resolution, new methods of combat, more weapons and new goals.

Demolition HD in the "Close Combat" allows the player to riddle with bullets and destroy everything around. Everything, from furniture to plastering, can be blown to pieces and then all this garbage will lie around the player under your feet. The design of tight spaces and several levels on the battlefield mean that players will have to give their best to survive in such conditions.


Battlefield 3: Close Quarters:
• Plunge your head into fierce fighting without equipment
• Look around the corner, because death can come from anywhere
• Destroying HD will allow you to destroy anything
• Earn new weapons and play with it on original cards
• Complete new tasks and get unique tokens
• Play Battlefield 3 in a new way, combining combat fever and team play
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02.09.2018 16:35:52
всё отлично. Жду бонус
14.08.2018 8:26:36
все отлично, активировалось без проблем! Хочу бонус
16.07.2018 20:06:39
Спасибо, ключ активировал!!!
18.06.2018 19:28:51
03.06.2018 14:58:26
Все отлично! Ключ пришёл на почту. Спасибо.
28.03.2018 10:08:26
Всё хорошо, приходит ключ сразу, спасибо.
18.03.2018 1:56:58
Спасибо, все работает
18.03.2018 1:56:52
Молодц хорошо делаешь да
11.11.2017 0:22:57
Пришло моментально спасибо большое, удачи в продажах.
01.02.2016 15:54:37
все пришло,спасибо большое)
24.10.2015 23:49:21
Всё ок.

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