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Beautiful strong body - one of the highest goals of any sport. Beautiful and healthy body - even more so. In this book you will find exercises that allow to acquire both of these qualities - strength and health.

In today´s world there are more and more new types of gymnastics and to beginners is a difficult choice: how to choose the best option? The proposed system in this book you will find exercises that do not require acrobatic preparation, execution of complex techniques, trendy somersaults, jumps coups.

Before you - a simple and accessible presentation, ingenuous and quite effective system of pumping of the whole body, which can be successfully use in training or in combat martial arts shock. The exercises can be done anywhere, s including outdoors, the only equipment - horizontal bar, but in principle it can be done without it. The exercises are simple and are divided into groups: exercises with its own weight on the bar, isometric, for stability. In principle, all of them in one form or another are present in almost all the martial arts - the dignity of this system is that you do not have to be a boxer or a wrestler to do them, but if you are already doing martial arts - you are simply necessary!
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