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This book format epab style "fantasy", which consists of five parts - the interesting adventures of unusual lung men, bubbles Pink, Ponca and their friends, who in their journeys fall in the high mountains, in the Underworld, the Zmeygorynovo the kingdom, the Fairy Tale Forest, in the depths of the blue sea, meeting there with their mysterious inhabitants, passing through the trials, opening up new worlds and finding new friends. The book is intended for children and adolescents. In the book of 207 pages.
In addition to this great book up for sale six of its parts separately as small books: Part 1 - "The Adventures of Pinky and the Ponca in the mountains", part 2 - "Bubbles in the Underworld", part 3 - "Bubbles in Zmeygorynovom kingdom," part 4 - "Journey to the Enchanted forest", part 5 - "Deep Blue sea". All books in formats pdf, epub, mobi.
Still there is an interesting book for teens, "Journey to the Sunduki", tells about an unusual place in Khakassia, natural and archeological monuments in the open air "Mountains Sunduki". The book is richly illustrated with the author´s photographs. In the book, 44 pages.
Also for sale a photo-album for adults "Faces of the Elementals", which collected 170 photos of the faces of nature spirits - elementals four elements of nature. In the book of 146 pages
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