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By buy Total War ATTILA: DLC - The Last Roman Campaign Pack you receive the license key activated instantly upon payment, in the personal Cabinet

To access the content, the add-on requires a license of the game Total War™: ATTILA

Activation: Steam
Region: Russia and CIS
Release date: 25 June 2015
Localization: Russian (subtitles), English, German, Spanish, French, Italian
Developers: The Creative Assembly

►Product description:◄
Year 533 B. C. Over the last century of the Western Roman Empire was completely wiped off the face of the earth. However, the last stronghold of Roman greatness still stands in the Eastern Roman Empire. He still has great power and dreams of reviving the past glory.

Emperor Justinian knows that will be no other time. You need to take the dangerous and desperate attempt to reclaim what is rightfully his. To re-conquer the West before all that once was Rome, return to dust. An impossible task: throughout the Mediterranean to form and grow barbarian kingdoms. Only one person in the world able to lead such an expedition.

A former bodyguard of his father, the hero of the battle when the Gift, the man who ruthlessly suppressed the uprising "nick". Belisari. The last hope of a dying Empire, the last true Roman.

• Unique campaign with new mechanics of the game
Set campaign "the Last Roman" is a large-scale expansion for the game Total War: ATTILA. The new story missions will unfold at the new-designed map of the Mediterranean theater of operations.

• New campaign map
Campaign map "the Last Roman" differs a great size and precision of the reconstruction of Western Europe 533 BC You are waiting for the 35 provinces and more than 100 regions, including Italy, North Africa, Spain and France.

• New combat units
In addition to the returnees who you fighting units of the main faction of the campaign "the Last Roman" have the following troops.

- Roman expedition
- Vandals
- Ostrogoths

• New technologies and buildings
Set campaign "the Last Roman" includes many new technologies and buildings.

!!!ATTENTION!!! Every third client (in random order) left a positive review after purchasing the game, will get at your Email address used during the purchase of goods, the individual activation key gift Steam games. As a gift you get one of the over 30 different games to Steam. The distribution of keys within 48 hours excluding weekend days from the moment of writing the review.

ATTENTION: the Given key to activate on Steam.

How to start playing Total War: ATTILA:
•If you have not installed Steam client, download and install it .
•Log in to your Steam account or register a new one if you don´t have one.
•Go to the "Games" section and select "Activate via Steam".
•Enter the activation key (to obtain it, you must buy Total War: ATTILA).
•After that, the game appears in the list, and you can download Total War: ATTILA.
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все четко))
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Всё как всегда. Оперативно и прекрасно.
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Спасибо! Все отлично!
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Всё отлично,спс
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Спасибо, жду подарок
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Ключ пришел, все отлично
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Cпасибки - все класс )
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спс, ключ прилетел
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Очень доволен покупкой=) Всё пришло моментально, отдельное спасибо продавцу за то, что отнёсся ко мне по человечески и чуть уступил цену, когда мне не хватило на оплату подтверждения товара. Не расчитываю на подарок, но всё же надежда есть)
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Спасибо. Жду подарок
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Thank you sir!
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Все отлично!
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все заработало. спасибо
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Спасибо! Все работает!
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Спасибо огромное! Все как всегда,получил ключ - мгновенно.Очень доволен!

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