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The book "Liang-Gong: Secrets to achieve internal and external skill in wushu" was written in 1930, the year - enough time for China´s vague but quite fertile for the flourishing of all possible styles of wushu - the military that period, they say, "requires "...

This book is devoted to methods of use of special features and techniques for experienced athletes - for beginners it will be useless and may even in the absence of the necessary nvykov harm. In addition to its exceptional value in terms of history, the book is also valuable for its advice on the organization of training - sometimes very original. Here and exercises on poles, with sandbags in bamboo thickets, with small bars with stones - etc. Many of the exercises on the achievements of the correct geometry struts, shocks. All subsequent books on qigong, and an additional method of training issued in China since the mid-80s anyway reprinted contained therein tips and techniques, and can say with confidence - not all the old unscientific, is not acceptable, it is naive and has no value. Just in this case, "the old friend is better than two new ones." What, and invite all to make sure.
Name: Liang-Gong - Secrets to achieve internal and external skill in wushu
Author: Yin and mines
Format: pdf
Size: 8 Mb.
Quality: excellent
Year: 1930
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