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Insurgency on Steam

** This is a limited gift which can only be redeemed in these countries:
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Republic of, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Russian Federation

About the game: In this multiplayer and cooperative game you fight in bloody battles in the streets, face to face with the enemy, where the survival of your team depends on controlling important points and destroying enemy ammunition, all operating on the Source engine. Insurgency - the heir of the highly valued fashion of the same name on the Source engine, highly competitive and merciless, emphasizing the equality of all players.
Features: Over 20 weapons with a bunch of attachments, lack of a crosshair sight, and a focus on realistic weapon control, including a free-aiming system with intense fire effects for suppression. 27 multi-user and cooperative maps in 12 points of the world, including places of action in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia. 8 multi-user modes, supporting up to 32 players with the mode of point capture, destruction of ammunition and escort of VIP (important person). 3 modes of the cooperative game, in which you and your friends shoulder to shoulder perform different tasks. Offline training mode, supporting games with bots on all modes. The system of units, built on classes with roles, which can be modified at your discretion. Communication within the units with support for 3D VOIP voice communication, allowing you to hear both allies and enemies in a certain radius of action. A mini-map and a complete close-up map with allotted goals and allies. Goggles used to purchase costumes and improve your gear, affecting your weight, speed and endurance. Simple and minimalistic user interface for full immersion in the game. High-quality video effects and multi-channel audio create a realistic militant point. The ability to create your own levels and content with the help of Insurgency SDK and scripting system. PC and Mac OSX version with the ability to play between different platforms. Support for dedicated servers for PC and Linux.

After purchase it is necessary:

1. Download and install Steam (if not already installed);
2. Register a new account on Steam or go to an existing one;
3. The link received after purchase, it is necessary to copy and paste into your Internet browser, log in under your Steam account and ACCEPT a gift to yourself in the LIBRARY (ie activate to your account);
4. After activation, the game appears in the list of games and you can download it from steam, and then start playing.


16.08.2018 15:59:25
Товар пришел все супер рекомендую продовца
14.07.2018 20:34:35
04.06.2018 15:38:28
подарок быстро пришёл
03.06.2018 21:25:43
01.03.2018 22:05:02
Все пришло, все активировалось. Спасибо за игру
07.02.2018 20:38:48
Всё хорошо, подарок пришёл.
29.01.2018 22:15:21
28.11.2017 21:59:23
Игра пришла в течении минуты, спасибо!
20.11.2017 5:23:19
19.11.2017 10:23:43
все отлично, хочу подарок!
16.11.2017 20:38:45
все отлично подарок получил
14.11.2017 21:35:33
Все быстро и качественно! Рекормендую
17.06.2017 12:10:15
Супер продавец ключ приходит через минуту после оплаты !
03.05.2017 14:53:17
Спасибо за игру жду подарок
21.11.2016 22:49:25
Всё супер, спасибо!
19.11.2016 13:46:01
Гифт получил, активировал. Всё ОК.
05.11.2016 13:21:10
24.10.2016 15:22:52
30.07.2016 14:04:00
Все норм, спасибо;)
30.01.2016 0:58:01
Спасибо,гифт получил сразу после оплаты!

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