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Guest pass Diablo III (photo).

The game is part of Diablo series of games, and a direct sequel to Diablo II. The game, as in the previous parts of the series takes place in a world of dark fantasy, called the Sanctuary, and things are moving around fighting the army of heaven with the Army of the Underworld of the world of Sanctuary. Characters Players are not direct successors of these fractions, but tend to be Heaven´s forces as the army of Hell seek to enslave and destroy Sanctuary - their own world.

The installation procedure is very simple:
To enter the code, you´ll need to login http://eu.battle.net/ru/ (if there is no account it is necessary to have clicked on the menu and fill in the registration form)
Go to the section My Account
Right click the mouse on the item to attach a key game
Enter a key previously bought
Download client for the game
Enjoy the game!
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