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After paying for the goods, you are guaranteed to receive a licensed game gift for downloading on the Steam system.Due to changes in the rules for sending gift´ov on Steam, sending via link became impossible. (As of May 4,
At the moment, gift can only be transferred to the account added to the friends account of the sender.
The game will be given to you with a delay (usually within an hour). Such delays arose due to the fact that now you have to do everything manually. </ Delivery>The game can only be added in RUSSIA! Ignoring this item is at your own risk.
</ Attention>
Before payment, you must enter your link to the steam account in the field under payment.
How to get a link to your account:
Open the page of your profile - Right mouse button in the url window - Copy

After payment, you need:
- Accept the request to add to friends on Steam.
- Accept the paid game.AttentionBy buying a game, you agree to these terms of delivery. </ Attention>
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Name: Elite Dangerous
Genre: Action, Adventure games, Multiplayer games, Role games, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Frontier Developments
Publisher: Frontier Developments
Released: 2 Apr. 2015
26.08.2018 10:58:05
Все быстро и оперативно!!!!
Всем рекомендую этого продавца!!!
01.02.2018 20:31:26
Спасибо, продавец довольно быстро выслал гифт.
15.04.2017 22:06:37
Заказ получен. Всё отлично. Спасибо!
09.01.2017 10:55:00
Всё ок
17.10.2015 15:15:09
Все пришло быстро и легко активировалось, спасибо
15.10.2015 14:41:45

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