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A Minecraft account without a security question, you can change the password, skin, nickname. Minecraft is a sandbox game with open world and random landscape. You can build amazing buildings, fight monsters, get to know the world around with friends or alone. To achieve maximum results in Minecraft, you must use non-standard solutions and use effective game techniques. The most useful tricks and tricks will help you quickly explore the world, create mines, kill hostile mobs and raise pets. By becoming strong you will be able to descend into the "Underworld", to destroy the Dragon Edge!

📌Important product information:
1. The store provides access to the purchase immediately after payment; you do not have to wait a minute to start using the purchase.
2. After the purchase - be sure to change the password. 30 minute data change guarantee.
3. All accounts have the form - Login: Password.
4. Access to the mail is not available.
5. We are not responsible for your actions. Maybe you changed the password, resold, gave a friend, viruses on the computer, etc.
6. Refund only if the seller is unable to make a replacement within 72 hours from the date of purchase, otherwise there is no return.
7. Be sure to record the video purchase. Video recording must begin before the moment of payment and include a FULL check of the received goods. The video should show the system time of your computer. Buyer’s complaint about non-working data will be considered only if there is video recording, otherwise the store reserves the right to refuse support to the buyer. Claims and replacements only with the provision of video recording of the purchase and verification of the data obtained (Recommended programs: for recording - , for downloading - ).
8. Ban on a specific server - this is possible, for example, the account was banned on the server "hypixel" or others. The opportunity to play on other servers remains. In this case, the replacement or refund is not carried out.
9. The seller has the right to respond to the message of the buyer within 72 hours, usually the answer is within 12 hours depending on the loading. Please do not leave a bad review before solving the problem.

📌How to play:
1. We pass authorization through the details acquired from us on the official website:
2. Download the game client:
3. We play.

📌 Frequently asked questions and answers -
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📌Keys Minecraft:
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10.12.2018 14:36:06
Аккаунт не работает прошу замены (На Email
08.09.2018 0:50:47
всё гуд
07.08.2018 16:16:47
07.08.2018 10:51:31
продавец лжец
23.07.2018 14:44:42
Все работает отлично! Спасибо огромное продавцу!
14.07.2018 11:37:21
Всё отлично работает, можно легко сменить ник и скин, спасибо!
23.06.2018 7:49:51
Спасибо платёжка прошла все супер!!!
26.05.2018 3:53:38
Отличный товар, у меня возникли некоторые проблемы, НО всё это из-за меня, продавец сразу отозвался на мою просьбу помочь, заменил аккаунт. Покупайте не пожалеете
20.03.2018 15:15:14
спасибо большое
18.03.2018 20:09:08
норм покачт
07.02.2018 17:11:09
хочу подарок
05.02.2018 17:09:32
здравствуйте а куда этот код использовать содержимое пожалуста ответьте на почту
19.01.2018 17:46:50
Рад! Спасибо за замену!
07.01.2018 16:22:10
Всё хорошо!)))
02.01.2018 12:36:34
Спасибо большое
23.12.2017 21:05:20
Хочу подарок
20.12.2017 20:21:06
поменяйте лицензию пожалуйста
16.12.2017 23:09:27
Помогают) аккаунты рабочие
11.12.2017 19:17:57
10.11.2017 9:09:56

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