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Minecraft is a computer game in the style of a sandbox with an open world, in which the player does not have any specific goals - the players themselves choose what to do in the game. Despite this, the game contains a system of achievements - incentive awards for the performance of certain actions. By default, the player controls his virtual character in the first person mode, although he can switch to third-person mode at any time in the main game. The game world consists of a huge number of three-dimensional objects-cubes (blocks) arranged in a fixed order and representing various objects and materials. If the player controlled by the player is free to move around the world of the game, then the objects from the blocks remain in their places. The game process is based on the destruction of existing blocks and the installation of new ones; By destroying blocks, the player accumulates units of the relevant material and can install them in another place, thus constructing various structures and mechanisms.
At the very beginning of the game, a virtual character is placed on the surface of the earth in a procedurally generated, almost unlimited space in the game world. The world is divided into "biomes" - areas with different types of blocks and objects collected from them, from the jungle to the snowy plains. Under the control of the player, the character can move around the game world on foot, overcoming various natural obstacles. In the game there is a change of day and night, and the game day lasts only 20 minutes of real time. Players can meet in the world of games of various non-gaming characters, computer-controlled ("mobs") - wild animals, villagers, and hostile opponents attacking the game character when meeting with him. Peaceful mobs, such as cows, pigs, chickens and sheep, appear in the world of play during the daytime; The player can hunt them, extracting food and materials for the creation of various objects, buildings and mechanisms. On the contrary, hostile mobs, such as giant spiders, skeletons and zombies, appear at night and can meet in the daytime in dark places, such as caves. One of the most recognizable and unique enemies of the game is a creeper - a green, multi-legged creature that, when approaching the game character, hisses, explodes and destroys all the blocks around it.
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вожу данные на оффициальном сайте говорит что нет такой почты
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Были проблемы, продавец их решил. Всё работает.
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Большое спасибо! К товару претензий нет. Была не большая заминка, но мне помогли решить проблему. Буду и в дальнейшем покупать игры на этом сайте!
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Ужасный товар
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n?ce seller
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nice seller
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cпасибо вам большее у вас самый лучший магазин!!!!!!!!
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Хорошо,но как поменять пороль?
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Выпал аккаунт со скином, спасибо!

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