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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$136 the discount is 1%
$181 the discount is 2%
Instant delivery ==== =====
After payment, you will instantly get the photo back of the card. Only these cards give you the assurance that your account is locked for fraud.
┴┴┴┴┴ Please use code in same day you buy!! Thx ┴┴┴┴┴

Why choose when creating your account is US Section iTunes Store, when there is a iTunes Store Russia?
Only the American iTunes Store is the wide range of programs for your iPhone, iPod, iPad, as well as a wide range of music and movies. Plus, often in Itunes Store US releases come earlier than in other countries.

NOTE: If you put your account State - Florida (FL), then from your account will not be removed with the purchase taxes.
Validity unlimited accounts, money it did not burn up.

ATTENTION! This code is only suitable for American (USA) accounts iTunes.

To English Speaking Customers:

This is genuine official iTunes USA card. You can easy buy it using different ways of payment, even with credit card.
The code will be available for download as soon as you complete your payment. You will also receive an email with the link to your purchased card.

But i would advice you make payment by Webmoney because only that way you will get all very high discounts and can buy cheap codes from me even for resell.
How to register and use Webmoney you can see here
Additional Information

Instructions on how to activate iTunes Gift Card on the official website:

If you do not have an account iTunes, you can create it when you activate the card.
User Account Creation iTunes: - iTunes 10$ USA(scan) - iTunes 15$ USA(scan) - iTunes 50$ USA(scan) - iTunes 100$ USA(scan)
10.02.2019 14:41:39
07.02.2019 8:38:06
Все хорошо. Карту активировал
22.09.2018 19:19:30
30.07.2018 22:40:45
20.06.2018 8:10:18
31.03.2018 19:40:34
12.02.2018 17:07:19
01.02.2018 17:03:13
Спасибо, долго ждал когда снова у тебя появятся карты
01.02.2018 16:20:28
спасибо. лучший продавец ! уже долгое время покупаю только здесь !
31.01.2018 14:06:23
05.01.2018 19:22:57
04.12.2017 19:49:17
26.11.2017 0:10:54
Код сработал. Спасибо!
18.11.2017 12:12:55
23.10.2017 14:56:50
22.09.2017 15:43:13
06.09.2017 11:10:04
Отличная цене. С товаром нет проблем.
05.09.2017 21:40:40
и зачем я раньше покупал у 1keys больше здесь дешевле
19.08.2017 17:26:13
13.08.2017 15:35:58

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