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This plugin allows you to provide Yandex Valid XML-feed, to participate in the affiliate program "Reviews"
The "Comments" is available for sites - aggregators reviews containing a substantial body of high-quality reviews on cars or on organizations.

Participation in the program allows site owners to increase traffic to their resources and expand their audience. Participation is voluntary and free of charge.

Comments about organization, labeled one of the ways shown:
- On the event page on Yandeks.Gorode along with a link to the full text reviews.
- On the event page on Yandeks.Puteshestviyah along with a link to the full text reviews.

Based on the information extracted from the comments may also be formed lists the most frequently cited of positive and negative characteristics of the organization.

Before purchase and use, please ensure that the site meets the requirements and Yandex ready to take it in your affiliate program.
To familiarize with the conditions for participation in the affiliate program, and find out more information on the benefits of participation in it can be on the following links

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