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The most complete practical guide to all aspects of boudoir photos (not to be confused with erotic pictures!) - This book is all you need to know both amateurs and professionals, to create a stylish and sensual photos in the subtle and delicate of all genres of contemporary photography.

• More than 300 photographs and illustrations of illustrations with detailed analysis and compositional techniques used to create them, shows how and why the photos are successful.
• Techniques, "chips" and tricks boudoir portraiture that use the best photographers of the world and who can master and successfully apply each even when shooting amateur camera: how to create an original and sensual image of the client and transmit the photographs features of its unique personality.
• Selection of photographic equipment for boudoir photography: cameras, lenses, lighting equipment and accessories.
• Organizing a photo shoot: choice of location shooting, lighting, clothing and props, training and instruction models work with a stylist, creating a comfortable atmosphere for the shooting.
• Posing: work with the client model and props, tricks correcting undesirable features of a constitution, the catalog item, methods and techniques of posing.
• Work with the composition, framing, lighting, color - simple, practical and effective.
• Digital image processing: techniques of optimization and photo retouching, digital correction features of body toning and stylized images.
• Boudoir photography as a business: tricks and subtleties of working with female clients, marketing and pricing.
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