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By ATTILA buy Total War: DLC - Empire of Sand Culture Pack you obtain the license activation key immediately after payment, in a private office

Activation: Steam

Release date: 15 September 2015
Localization: Russian (subtitles), English, German, Spanish, French, Italian
Developers: The Creative Assembly

►Product description:◄
Set Empires of Sand Culture Pack adds to the game Total War: ATTILA three playable factions, and new religious features.
All three fractions originating from the harsh African deserts and the Middle East. They are part of a cultural group Desert Kingdom and bring into play new mechanics of the campaign and Horde, new events, religious characteristics, unique units and detachments.
• New factions with unique units: Axumite Kingdom, the Kingdom of Himyar and tribe Tanukh. These fractions can be used in single or multiplayer campaign modes and custom and multiplayer modes.
• New mechanics for the campaign.
• New Horde mechanics.
• New religious features.

Desert Kingdom. All are included with this culture fractions have the following features:
- +2 to sanitation in all regions.
- +15 attack melee in the middle of deserts.
- Immune to desert attrition.

New religious features: Add-ons includes several changes that increase the importance of religion. There are three new beliefs: Eastern Christianity, Semitic paganism and Judaism. Religion has a huge influence on many aspects of life, including: construction, victory conditions, technology, events, campaign bonuses:
Double religious building chain. (for Himyar and Sumskogo Kingdom).
Reactionary religious activities (for Himyar and Sumskogo Kingdom).
* Increased penalties for religious disharmony.
Religious technology.
A difficult choice.
Nordiska factions have access to technologies that provide material well-being, but acting to the detriment of religion. Make your choice, locate the delicate balance between the material and spiritual welfare.
Religious influence on diplomacy.
Separate conditions for achievements and victory.
All three new factions are two sets of conditions for victory (one for each of the major religions), which includes a certain amount associated with religion units and buildings.
Barracks level 5.
Himyar and Sumskoe the Kingdom can build a barracks level 5 (one for each religion). To unlock these barracks, you should have 75% impact in the relevant religion. These barracks provide access to three elite units, and also offer other significant benefits.

Available fractions
2)Axumite Kingdom.
3)Himanshu Kingdom.
!!!ATTENTION!!! Every third client (in random order) left a positive review after purchasing the game, will get at your Email address used during the purchase of goods, the individual activation key gift Steam games. As a gift you get one of the over 30 different games to Steam. The distribution of keys within 48 hours excluding weekend days from the moment of writing the review.

ATTENTION: the Given key to activate on Steam.

How to start playing Total War: ATTILA:
•If you have not installed Steam client, download and install it .
•Log in to your Steam account or register a new one if you don´t have one.
•Go to the "Games" section and select "Activate via Steam".
•Enter the activation key (to obtain it, you must buy Total War: ATTILA).
•After that, the game appears in the list, and you can download Total War: ATTILA.
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