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EASY GAMES acquire new blockbuster, favorite arcade games, new levels and MAPS!

Gift Cards Xbox is:

Simple and convenient way to pay for purchases other than the game content in the store Xbox.
The ability to use the card and online stores on smarfton Microsoft Windows Phone 8 devices and Windows 8.1.
A great gift for friends and relatives, so that they themselves can decide a game like!
A wide range of denominations to buy - 500 rubles, 1,000 rubles, 2,000 rubles

  This code can be activated in the account of Microsoft Russia. Simply log into your account and enter the 25-digit code. To create an account, visit. You must be at least 13 years.

The total cost of the code will be transferred to the account of the Microsoft account and you can use it to make
meet a number of conditions of purchase (exceptions may apply) directly to some stores Xbox and Microsoft online stores.

May apply restrictions related to balance and geographic region. Apply to the purchase conditions and prices vary according to region and devices, and can also change over time. For an indefinite time. TOOLS AND CHARGES ARE NOT PROVIDED. Taxes may apply. It requires access to the Internet and Microsoft account (can be charged for the connection time). To activate the console requires Xbox Live. The previous version of Xbox is not supported. To access some content requires a paid subscription.

Unless otherwise provided by law, codes can not be redeemed for cash (including through the activation), or re-loaded, and their cost is not compensated. Microsoft is not responsible for loss, theft or destruction of the Code or for its use without permission.

With regard to the card are all the conditions that are set out on page
and are subject to change without notice. These provisions shall be void if they are prohibited or restricted by law.

Microsoft Corporation, One Microsoft Way, Redmond WA 98052-6399 VS

08.06.2018 12:21:22
10.05.2018 11:26:51
Всё получилось, спасибо!
10.05.2018 11:26:25
всё получилось, спасибо!
16.04.2018 21:57:10
16.04.2018 0:22:02
Все хорошо
16.04.2018 0:21:17
13.04.2018 23:05:02
01.04.2018 11:51:00
всё гуд
01.04.2018 11:45:17
всё ок
30.03.2018 18:24:42
Cпасибо большое,купил две штуки всё отлично,пойду за Mortal kombat XL и Tom Clancy´s Ghost Recon
30.03.2018 17:30:44
Очень +!
27.03.2018 15:45:55
Активация без проблем
23.03.2018 14:15:08
Очень быстрый, отличный продавец
21.03.2018 13:32:02
Уже второй раз покупаю
20.03.2018 23:30:38
Спасибо. Во второй раз все хорошо прошло тоже
20.03.2018 23:25:08
Спасибо. Сейчас еще один куплю
18.03.2018 23:39:04
16.03.2018 12:16:51
Код активировался без проблем
15.03.2018 17:46:55
Спасибо все быстро и легко.
09.03.2018 20:48:29
Купил 2 ключа Все шикарно) 5000р) на балансе) правда 2й ключ был использован кем то...но продавец быстро нашел причину и дал новый ключ! Советую!!!