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Version 2.10. Universal calculator for calculating the amount of the value of the selected goods or services with the ability to send the ordered items by e-mail the seller.

Working example, an optional description and instruction:

If your site offers any services or goods are sold, the "Script of the calculator service" will be very useful. With this "Script calculator services," the visitor of your website can easily choose their favourite products or services and calculate their cost. Also the visitor can choose required quantity of each product or service and calculate their individual cost. For the convenience of the buyer, when you hover the mouse on the item, a string item is highlighted and already selected goods and services are a different color and is marked with a checkbox tick. With CSS styles you can modify color, font and layout "Script calculator services."

An important feature of "Script calculator service" is its versatility and ease of installation. The code is simply inserted directly into a page in Joomla, WordPress, Adobe Muse, and other WpPage which supports insertion of javascript code. The versatility of the Script is the calculator of services" is that it is possible to use any goods or services from any branches of activity or trade. In our case, the example of the calculator calculate the cost of creating the site.

Add new items and delete unwanted items in the Script of the calculator of services" is very simple. To add new products simply add one line with the name of the product and its price. To remove an item, simply remove or comment out the line with this product. Then just reload the page and a new item will appear in the form of a "Script calculator service" or be deleted from it. New merchandise will participate in the calculation of the total cost of the selected goods.

========== The advantages of calculator services

● dynamic calculation of cost of goods
● auto breakdown products into groups
● easily add and remove products
● easily installed and configured
● work without page reload (AJAX)
● sending a letter to order by e-mail (download a test file below)
● diagnostic messages about problems
● detailed instructions to the calculator
● no monthly fees
● no advertising and third party links
● not loads additional scripts

========== Formula script calculator

Total =
the price of the service No. 1 * quantity
+ the price of the service number 2 * number
+ ...
+ the price of the service n n * number

========== Setting the calculator services:

● For installation , just copy the folder with calculator and add a small block on the html page where you want to display the calculator.
● The configuration of the calculator is performed after installation on YOUR website.


● html, javascript, any modern browser.
● to send emails from PHP 5.2.x and have PHP mail () function. The ability to send emails from the server Your hosting, you can check using the form: http://mobile-island.narod.ru/_js/calculators/js-calc-uslug/test_email_send.zip
● Install only calculator on the website that You specified when ordering, to any of its pages without limitation. Javascript module coded, is protected from hacking and copying from your site.


Immediately after payment you will receive a form to fill in the registration data, which will have to fill the following fields:
- E-mail address (email);
- Www address of a site for installation of the calculator;
- Encryption Site of UTF-8, windows-1251;
These data will be transferred to the seller to complete the transaction of sale and purchase of goods.
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