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Paying this product you will get a license key PHOTO games out of the box "The Crew. Wild Run Edition", from the company "1C-SoftKlab" to activate the "Uplay".
Key collection takes place automatically, immediately after the payment.

▶ Set this edition:
◇ full version of the game The Crew
◇ addition The Crew Wild Run

Genre: Racing
Developer: Ivory Tower
Publisher: Ubisoft
Distributor in Russia: 1C-SoftKlab
Language Release: Completely in Russian
Activation: Uplay
Multiplayer: Yes
Region: Russia, CIS
Age Rating: 12+
Release Date: November 17, 2015

Game Description "The Crew. Wild Run Edition":

The Crew. Wild Run Edition - is an excellent opportunity to assess the well-known racing game of the new generation. This edition includes the full version of The Crew, more than 50 new jobs and profiles, as well as supplement The Crew: Wild Run.

The Crew - a revolutionary racing car simulator with open world. You will find a huge area, where you can enjoy the freedom and test your driving skills.

Accelerate properly on your car, motorcycle, monster truck, quad or drift dragster! Choose from 8 complete sets to easily conquer any road ... or off-road.

Collect more than 70 vehicles, using more than 200 sets for tuning, enjoy the 30-hour storyline campaign, more than 210 jobs Participate in the championship The Summit and, of course, enjoy all the features of the free regime. You will be 5,000 km2 open world that you can travel all over the length and breadth - a paradise for lovers of speed!

GAME FEATURES "The Crew. Wild Run Edition":

• Game room The Crew - the whole territory of the United States, together with the cities and the suburbs, hills and fields, canyons, sand dunes and of course the race track. Explore all 5,000 km2 open world - enjoy freedom, perform tricks to sharpen their driving skills and compete with other racers in free play mode.
• Assemble a collection of powerful cars, motorcycles maneuvering, invincible monster truck, elusive drift cars and rapid dragsters. Choose and modify their iron horses, depending on the type of terrain. What you need today - stritkar, supercar SUV, racing or rally cars? Each new achievements and victories - this is another opportunity to improve your cars and motorcycles both inside and outside.
• The Crew On the roads you will meet many new friends and rivals. And every meeting - an occasion to face off in a race! Perform the job in 30-hour story campaign, alone or with friends. To team up and join a multiplayer game at any time. Compete in the championship SUMMIT, the steps of which are held in various parts of the United States. For no matter what you took - or dispel the convoy to escape from police harassment - each race is unique and exciting!
Activation Key "The Crew. Wild Run Edition":

1. Download and install the client Uplay, if you have not yet installed -
2. Register a new account Uplay, or log in to an existing one.
3. Click on the image "Gears" and select "Activate Product".
4. Enter bought from us an activation key.
5. The game is displayed in the library of games, then you can download and install it.

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