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Year: 2015
Version: 11.1 Build 1995
Developer: R-Tools Technology Inc.
Bit depth: x86 / x64
Language: Russian
From Windows XP to Winndows 10

   Maintaining confidentiality:
• Verify and select information before irretrievable wiping.
• Wipe and delete temporary Internet files.
• Complete removal of cookies - small files that are stored on your computer when you visit a Web site to facilitate their viewing. At the same time your favorite cookies may be.
• Wipe and delete Flash cookies - small files that are stored on your computer when you visit websites.
• Wipe and delete Java and Microsoft VM.
• Clean autocomplete forms: user names, passwords, and other personal information entered at web sites and keywords entered at search engines.
• Clear history of visited pages.
• Clean the list of recently opened documents.
• Clean list of open files.
• To clear the contents of the clipboard Windows.
• Wipe and delete temporary files created by Windows and other programs.
• Clean system Registry: run list, search results, mapped network drives, attached peripheral devices, last opened Registry key, etc.
• Clean list of frequently used components are stored in the system registry programs, links and icons Start menu, Control Panel items, Favorite Web pages, buttons and Internet Explorer.
• Wipes files .dat (including blocked), containing incorrect information on the completion of your Windows.
• Complete removal of the contents is offline.
• Clean activity traces from more than 200 applications, including Microsoft Office, standard Windows, and numerous popular programs. Installed applications are detected automatically.
• Create a schedule for removing activity traces from any application that R-Wipe & Clean currently does not support. Such lists may include application working and temporary folders and files, and registry keys.
• Full swap files Windows.
• Complete removal of labels that are on your desktop but are not linked to any existing objects.
• Clearing the event log Windows.
• Clearing the firewall Windows.
• Clean links to recent network folders.
• Wipe and delete temporary files and log files, dump files, memory, old Check Disk files.
• Complete removal of files in the folder Prefetch.
• Clean the list of files and folders, defragmentation.
• Delete folder view settings in Windows Explorer.
• Clean stored application descriptions.
• Clean stored in the cache of installed fonts and icons of running applications.
• Wipe and delete Windows Update.
• Wipe and delete WMI, diagnostics, and security management logs.
• Clean stored network passwords.
• Clean stored in the cache memory of the additional application tabs.
• Clean stored addresses of unread mail.
• Clean stored folders, FTP.
• Clean stored Start Menu.
• Clean stored in the cache wallpaper Windows.

Complete removal of files:
• Support for file systems FAT and NTFS.
• Wipes files using efficient and reliable algorithms, including DOD. Files can be wiped directly from Windows Explorer.
• Create a list of files and folders that can be removed at a time. Add a file system object in the list directly from Windows Explorer.
• Wipes file alternate data streams.
• Complete removal of free parts of file clusters.

Disk Cleanup:
• Support for file systems FAT and NTFS.
• Wipes unused disk space using efficient and reliable algorithm
Unpack the archive. Install the program. Read the instructions. "The program is one year from the date of installation."

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