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What is the stalker-raider higher category? By the end of the first book about the adventures of the most unusual brass knuckles and goblins you will understand it. But this is only the beginning of a long journey ... Where this time? What to look for? Turkey? China? In the British Islands I have decided to throw their Sotnikov!

Are Americans? Scary and imagine how far from Castle New America ... However, you guys, and represent nothing, at the right time all told. A couple of days for a break after being thrown across the ocean, complete set of equipment, tasks, modes, time - and go! And so on to get out themselves.

It begins a special trip. Begins Big Check.
23.03.2016 15:47:45
Читаю уже седьмую Вашу книгу и не могу оторваться.
Очень жду продолжение Антибункера.