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A bit sad magic forest of the southern coast of an unknown river, wary, menacing forest to the north, the air with a pungent smell of pine needles, chill - could choose the place and warmer looking ... Lucky so lucky, the enemy does not want.
Where Castle Russia, where our? A pause would not stir, but ... Week.

But you can not stop, time is precious, so many good people worrying! And here again a group of stalkers paves the route. What will be a long journey, what difficulties and adventures lie ahead that will bring a new, self-chosen mission? It is no easy task - the special group should not just walk, but also to scout unfamiliar land.

New allies and enemies, new discoveries and unexpected opportunities - all ahead. In the meantime, we must rise from the wet grass, to find the first housing and hold it in their hands. Almost without weapons, without equipment and communications.

In general, the usual thing.
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