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Russian language
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Activation: Uplay
Regional restrictions: Russia, Ukraine and CIS

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A series of Far Cry, will give you a crazy adventure in the tropics and in the Himalayas, this one will take you to where the fight for survival will be tense as ever. Among the picturesque open spaces of the world inhabited by amazing fauna, you can expect anything to happen. Be prepared for the unexpected!

You will be in the Stone Age, so - in mortal danger. The land belongs to the reign of mammoths and saber-toothed tigers, and the man is somewhere in the beginning of the food chain. You are the last survivor of a group of hunters. You have to make deadly weapons, to protect themselves from wild animals, hostile tribes fight over territory and prove that you are not prey and predator.

Hunter or prey?
- Your character name Thakkar. He is the only survivor of the hunter of the group. In his life there is only one goal - to survive in a world where a person is considered easy prey.
- Hone skills and lead your tribe to prosperity.
- With the help of unusual characters, which will help to overcome the danger of wildlife.
- Compete with the warlike tribes, ready to do anything to wipe you and your friends to the ground.
- Kill the wild beasts and defeat enemies to prove that you are the most dangerous predator in the Urus.deliveryThis product is distributed through the digital distribution, represents the only pin and does not contain the packages and boxes. </ Delivery>

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28.05.2019 19:28:40
Быстро оперативно спасибо! хочу подарок!)
10.01.2018 18:54:41
Супер сайт и супер обслуживание, рекомендую всем
28.10.2017 21:46:46
22.10.2017 16:22:20
Спасибо большее. Ключ пришел буквально в течении нескольких секунд. Активировал без проблем.
15.10.2017 20:53:14
15.02.2017 22:48:42
пришло быстро. все отлично. хочу подарок!
30.01.2017 23:06:15
круто что здесь можно преобрести ключ дешевле чем в других местах большое спасибо
20.01.2017 7:01:01
Круто загружаю!!! Хочу подарок!
20.11.2016 20:34:12
Всё отлично, уже идёт установка
Весь в предвкушении
Спасибо Вам и сайту
04.06.2016 23:45:26
Спасибо, все работает
30.05.2016 11:26:50
Ключ подошел без проблем, игрой очень доволен.
25.05.2016 16:58:55
01.03.2016 0:06:34
Всё отлично активировалось. Спасибо.

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