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Unlocking the phone Beeline Fast + is carried out by IMEI with a unique code NCK received specifically for your phone. The customer receives the NCK code corresponding to its IMEI is automatically, immediately after payment. Answer format contains the following information:

Unlock Code: ********

After I received the unlock code into the phone - he begins to work with a SIM card of any operator.

Supported phones:

Beeline Fast. +


Unlock code NCK - is unique to your unit 8 digits.

Unlock manual

1. To obtain the unlock code you will be required to inform us IMEI-number of your device. Phone IMEI can be found on a label under the battery or by typing on the phone a combination: * # 06 #.
2. The payment of the goods (if you make a payment through an external payment system and after payment you have a button "to go back to the seller," - do not forget to press it), after payment carefully the form that appears, type in the IMEI.
3. When sending data you entered - unlock code is displayed in the graph paid goods (if after payment of the goods you have not seen or accidentally missed the form to indicate the IMEI - click on the link in the letter of oplata.info, you will receive immediately after payment).
4. Insert a SIM card from another operator and enter the code to unlock it.
5. If you entered the code correctly, Beeline + Fast reboot and when the register on the network operator, SIM card that you have installed.
6. Do not forget to leave a review of the acquisition of goods!

Before purchasing an unlock code to your phone, insert the SIM-card of another operator and make sure that it prompts you for the unlock code network, ie that attempts to enter the code is not used up.

Immediate delivery
You get paid for your PIN immediately after the payment and enter IMEI! Delivery to the buyer is carried out automatically, without operator!

Making the payment you agree to the terms of service!

02.11.2017 8:50:46
Спасибо, все работает!
10.10.2017 18:19:11
Всё сработало !!!
05.05.2017 21:02:15
все работает !спасибо.
23.04.2017 17:17:16
23.04.2017 15:58:38
заплатили и дальше по интсрукции -все работает
01.03.2017 15:05:33
Все получилось!спасибо!
11.02.2017 10:34:35
спасибо, все работает
24.01.2017 21:58:42
Все отлично!
24.01.2017 19:21:20
Не работает код
23.01.2017 12:27:57
Быстро и честно!Супер!
28.12.2016 16:53:07
Спасибо большое
20.12.2016 3:15:35
Быстро, оперативно, удобно!
12.12.2016 19:01:49
Спасибо было приятно заполучить код разблокировки!
17.07.2016 15:09:46
Спасибо, недорого, быстро, честно!!!!
01.07.2016 22:40:42
Спасибо.Все работает.
07.05.2016 21:07:30
Все работает супер!!! Спасибо!!!
05.03.2016 18:20:15
27.02.2016 12:48:25
03.02.2016 13:32:45
25.01.2016 21:48:37

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