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You buy the official key of the game Tom Clancy´s The Division. After the first purchase you receive a discount on all subsequent purchases of our products.

The key of the game you receive is right after the payment in the window that opens after the payment is made, and a link to the page with the key will be sent to your email address specified at the time of purchase.

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Publisher: UBISOFT
Activation: Uplay
Language: Russian
Region: Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries

Game features:

 SAVE NEW YORK You will find yourself in an open world that lives and develops according to its own laws. Together with other agents of the Special Detachment, your goal is to restore public order, find the source of the virus and save New York.
• LIVING, CHANGING WORLD In the world of Tom Clancy’s The Division, the gameplay is significantly affected by time of day and weather conditions. Constant changes in the environment can be good for you. Improving the gas mask, you can wade into areas with a high degree of infection without the risk of catching the virus.
• THE LAW OF STONE JUNGLE In New York, there are a lot of small gangs that take advantage of the situation for personal gain. For each turn can wait for the thugs, ready to attack anyone who is not able to fight back.
• SELECTION OF EQUIPMENT Special Agent agents use the latest generation technology. You can choose the equipment that best suits your style of play, and modify it.
• TECHNOLOGIES ON THE VERGE OF FANTASY Select skills for your style of play - the only way you will have a chance of success. There are many different skills and devices at your disposal: a self-guided mine, a turret, and a pulse sensor scans the area for living beings
• SEAMLESS NETWORK GAME: THE DARK ZONE The Dark Zone (the so-called Dark Zone) is a quarantine zone in the depths of Manhattan where you can find the most valuable booty: something that people did not have to quit during an emergency evacuation!


GIFT - STEAM game and its receipt:


- One of three buyers in a random order, who left a positive review after purchasing the game, can get the activation key of the gift game. What exactly do you know after receiving the key.
- To receive a gift, you must leave a positive review and add to it a request for receiving a gift (Keying is made approximately within 48 hours from the time of writing the review).
- The gift will be received by one of the three willing, but not absolutely everything.
- After writing a positive review, you automatically agree to the above conditions.

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Key Activation:

• If the Uplay client is not installed, download and install it. (
• Log in to your Uplay account or register a new one if you do not already have one.
• Click on the "Gears" image and select "Activate Product".
• Enter the activation key (to obtain it you need to buy Tom Clancy´s The Division.
• After that, the game is displayed in the library of games and you can download Tom Clancy´s The Division.
07.11.2019 18:30:23
Благодарю за ключ, все работает прекрасно. Буду рад получить подарок.
07.11.2019 0:05:34
Ключ пришел моментально!
Активация прошла успешно!
Советую продавца!
И конечно же жду подарка.)
03.11.2019 12:10:57
Спасибо! Купил, активировал, всё отлично. Жду подарка)
25.10.2019 13:18:54
Все круто! Жду подарок!
24.10.2019 4:06:30
08.10.2019 12:26:06
Всё отлично. Хочу подарок.
05.10.2019 13:29:43
Получил ключ.Уже устанавливаю.Жду подарок
23.09.2019 6:35:24
спасибо всё супер, прошу свой подарок
13.09.2019 20:22:34
Всё просто отлично, респект продавцу
07.09.2019 5:01:44
05.09.2019 18:44:46
Ключ получил, все норма, скоро буду играть, продавца рекомендую, надеюсь повезет на подарок!
05.09.2019 18:40:29
Ключ получил сразу, все отлично, жду подарок!
05.09.2019 4:33:43
Всё чётко)
30.08.2019 23:31:18
30.08.2019 20:59:53
Товар мне понравился ,уже скачиваю еще пару часов и буду играть ,спасибо продавцу <3
27.08.2019 18:49:54
very nice!!!
24.08.2019 19:07:10
Все супер, хочу подарок)_))
18.08.2019 13:24:08
Ключ получил! Всё работает!
12.08.2019 6:53:40
всё отлично
07.08.2019 21:01:18
Всё супер. Качество, скорость, цена - все на высшем уровне! Спасибо огромное продавцу)
Было бы здорово получить подарок, в любом случае благодарю продавца)

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