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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$3 the discount is 3%
$5 the discount is 4%
$10 the discount is 5%
$50 the discount is 7%
$100 the discount is 10%
$500 the discount is 15%
After payment You will receive Minecraft Premium
That gives Premium :
1) Many beautiful nicknames!
2) Change skins on your own!
3) Secret question not selected!
4) At death, the inventory is not wasted.
5) When you log on to the server no label "Try again in 3 seconds"
6) Ability to connect to the server, even if it´s full
7) Play on a foreign license servers
8) Play in an interesting fashion on servers (MineZ, etc.)

Login to the site / client type Mail:Pass \ Login:Pass | No access to email.


The password and email you can not change . But you can play via the website + launcher.

In the heart of the game "Minecraft" is a sandbox that allows the player to build almost anything. The main developer of the game is all known Markus Persson, aka "Notch".

The game "Minecraft" was originally conceived as a kind of clone "of Infiniminer", but according to Marcus gameplay part should be more like "Dwarf Fortress". One of the most interesting facts in the development of the game is that it is written in Java using the library LWJGL. It is worth noting that the entire game world consists of cubes a such that use low resolution, whereby is obtained the specific version of the game world.

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When buying you agree to the rules:
!!!The replacement of the goods within 10 minutes after buy in case of not valid when providing video evidence!!!
Who do not like the rules can not buy!
•The account is non-refundable(Replacement only in case of not valid at the time of sale).
•Replacement accounts only for 10 minutes since purchase.
•Change provides all data the buyer.

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12.02.2018 15:16:37
Аккаунт обещанный не пришёл. Но мне дали замену. Спасибо продавцу!!
08.09.2017 15:30:32
06.09.2017 21:38:30
не робит
05.09.2017 7:53:41
на следующий день забрали аккаунт но потом аккаунт вернули
02.09.2017 17:38:54
все супер!
29.08.2017 9:42:28
Здравствуйте, купил аккаунт майнкрафт, и работает он очень долго рекомендую
19.08.2017 16:15:53
18.08.2017 2:25:04
Заменил,все работает
17.08.2017 10:29:32
Всё заменил спасибо большое всё работает.
10.08.2017 10:33:02
Только купил
30.07.2017 20:07:55
Добрый день, купил аккаунт, но я не могу зайти на сайт и на клиент. Замените пожалуйста
27.07.2017 14:21:37
27.07.2017 0:09:13
27.07.2017 0:07:35
24.07.2017 13:30:27
Спс крутой магаз
24.07.2017 12:23:33
22.07.2017 2:55:24
Выдали аккаунт с неверными данными прошу заменить.
21.07.2017 14:29:52
17.06.2017 16:17:41
Хорошо спасибо
18.05.2017 15:58:58
Спасибо за аккаунт все очень хорошо!

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