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When buying a product, be sure to record the video, the video must start from the moment of purchase, your personal data on the video can be hidden or closed.
If you do not have a recording program, I recommend using a phone or Bandicam program that you can download on the official site for free (
In the absence of this video from the buyer, CLAIMS DO NOT BE ACCEPTED! </ attention>About the game Battlefield 1:
Fight in large-scale battles: from street fighting in the besieged French city to storming the mountain fortresses of the Italian Alps and fierce battles in the Arabian deserts. Open a new world in an exciting campaign or join large-scale battles with support for up to 64 players. Adapt battle tactics to the destructible terrain and dynamic weather system. Fight in the infantry and cavalry or control the stunning technique on earth, in the air and at sea: from tanks and motorcycles to biplanes and giants - the most massive machines in the history of Battlefield. </ attention>deliveryAfter buying the goods Battlefield 1 + SECRET
1. You get an account with the licensed game ORIGIN in the form of: login: password | SECRET OR SECRET WILL NOT BE INSTALLED
2. The data will be displayed in the browser window and the copy will come to your E-Mail automatically after your payment.
3. No access to mail </ delivery>
25.01.2019 18:10:40
E-mail request confirmation
18.01.2019 22:50:04
e-mail password not provided
16.01.2019 21:56:43
very good. Cok iyi
14.01.2019 7:02:47
Helal 5 TL bf 1 yani gmail bile degistirdim.
13.01.2019 23:53:43
Пока что всё ок, поиграю,если не пропадёт акк то точно советую брать )
13.01.2019 16:20:54
nice men +rep
11.01.2019 17:15:47
Сначала были трудности но продавец все уладил. Рекомендую.
31.12.2018 20:31:10
Отлично, более месяца играю и все норм
25.12.2018 18:16:04
17.12.2018 17:48:00
Рекомендую продавца всем
Помог с заменой.
Берите и не думайте
17.12.2018 17:06:17
beautiful seller
15.12.2018 13:13:53
Все отлично. Сначала дали акк где по подписке, но после того, как сообщил продавцу. Он заменил акк. Все хорошо. Спасибо!
15.12.2018 1:03:52
Thanks good seller <3
13.12.2018 19:43:11
10.12.2018 15:55:17
Everything is perfect
05.12.2018 8:59:34
NIce, продавец со всем помог, если что, сразу даёт замену, очень рад.Спасибо. хочу подарок.
01.12.2018 12:48:01
29.11.2018 15:35:22
28.11.2018 22:48:40
28.11.2018 18:30:09