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Game description - Minecraft
Minecraft is an unusual game, the world of which consists of blocks with different characteristics and textures. It combines the elements of the "sandbox" with the ability to create. And you can create everything here that the soul will like, from the available blocks, which in the game there are more than one hundred types. At the moment, Minecraft has three modes: creative, hardcore and survival.

How to start playing MINECRAFT:

• You need to register your account -, selecting a nickname and password, but after creation it will remain unactivated, i.e. Without the possibility of downloading the client, playing on the network, selecting skins.
• Now you need to activate your license account with the key under the link - there you enter the key received after the purchase, your account will become a license forever.
• After that, you will be able to choose your own skins, games in the browser, downloading the client, playing on the network. Your account will be fully licensed.
     In connection with the frequent cases of attempts to deceive the buyers, I URGENTLY recommend you to record video FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE PURCHASE OF THE GOODS TO
     In the absence of this video on the part of the buyer, CLAIMS WILL NOT BE TAKEN!

     This key for activation at
08.10.2018 19:44:59
16.09.2018 9:51:35
Все пришло!
08.08.2018 23:21:35
Все пришло!
27.07.2018 15:02:09
Все отлично. Спасибо
02.04.2018 21:52:35
Спасибо большое, пришло моментально, все работает!
02.04.2018 15:58:05
All works! :)
04.03.2018 15:23:31
Купил последний (на момент покупки) ключик, активировался, всё работает.
09.12.2017 15:35:06
Респект продавцу!!
07.12.2017 22:07:23
13.11.2017 17:00:01
Nice , Work ~
09.11.2017 22:09:27
Код не действителен, есть видео покупки. Жду другой код
24.10.2017 12:21:07
Все отлично, купил и все сразу пришло, спасибо!)
17.10.2017 0:56:08
При попытке активации выдает сообщение что код уже активировае
11.10.2017 23:57:05
Nice , Work!
26.08.2017 22:41:57
26.08.2017 22:38:58
great seller
26.08.2017 22:38:08
best seller
26.08.2017 22:35:59
26.08.2017 22:35:05
18.08.2017 16:56:21
Все активировалось! спасибо!
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