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The game features realistic weapons, the machines, the terrain, ballistics weapons out, recharge, identification, damage, movement of characters and vehicles, as well as their speed. For example, birds and insects are controlled by AI and reacts to the environment and countryside and static objects, such as trees and buildings - destroyed. In helicopters realistic management that need to learn. In the management of air transferred simplest technique [8] the physical principles of the movement, moreover they are unique for each model. The campaign takes place in real time, but it does not mean constant fighting. Military tactics also reflect the real world, where patience attack from the flanks and lasting shelter will be essential. For some reason, the gameplay, the player jumps and replaced perelezaniem available through obstacles.
Difficulty affects the number of saves, in some missions have autosave. The complexity of the tunes, and contains four levels: Cadet, Soldier, Veteran and Expert, which differ fighting qualities (but not the size and composition) forces enemies and allies. At the level of "Cadet" can be stored any number of times (but using the same slot) for "Soldier" - 5, Veteran -3, -1 expert. You can also change the difficulty settings, for example at the level of "Cadet" put all the figures on the "expert" and have the ability to play virtually "experts", with unlimited storage.
In the last two missions of the campaign mode the player is given strategy. It includes the classic elements of the genre Games RTS - for the capture of enemy strongholds player receives money, which can build a base and acquire units - but their mode lets you control another 11 offices, commanding an entire company of the same way as individual fighters of his office. The number of each department - 12 people, and if it is, for example, a tank - the tank 12 and, respectively, 4 tanks.
Note: *** This is not Steam Origin game and not ***, it is activated in the usual way when you install the official game client, the key of the licensed version of the game.
  To activate the key, you need to have a license disc or original distribution of the game or download any torrent tracker license the image. Next, install the game to him, and when prompted enter the code purchased from us the key.
Not for online battles.
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