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Determine the weight of the load G in the kN, if the tension of the vertical cable CC1 is 20 kN, the angle α = 30 °. The plane of the bent rod ABDE horizontal plane DO1O2 vertical dimensions AC = BC
Immediately after payment you will receive a link to the zip file with the solution of the problem 5.7.7 (Chapter 1 - statics topic - 5.7: The balance of forces under the influence of the spatial system of forces) on the theoretical mechanics of collection of short tasks Kep OE YA.A . Viba, OP Grapis, JA Svetinysh and others. Publishing Moscow / Graduate School / 1989, 2009, 2012. The task is made in the format word (typed or hand-written decision in a Word) or in manuscript form in the format gif, packed to the archive zip (open on any PC) .After checking the solutions would be very grateful if you leave your positive feedback.
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