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$27 / / TVT – is a popular Romanian private TV tracker which specializes in tv series and other TV shows. The resource has large collection of torrents from a variety of countries, in every imaginable category, including sports, documentaries. If you are looking for something old or rare let’s find it here. This site is a leader among the trackers that provide serials, television programs, shows, and documentaries. From the nice features of the tracker can note the presence of a calendar with schedule of broadcasting programs and series, as well as a simple and convenient interface, that useful for the most inexperienced user. is a leading TV tracker from available ones. Of course BTN is the best no doubt, but it is almost impossible to join it and BTN invites are mostly closed due to members limit. Also BTN is very expensive and strict tracker.

Anyway this resource is a great tracker for beginners and it is far better then many other from similar series. Every file above 10 Gb is freeleech. There is No bonus system but it is easy to maintain, the minimum seeding time for a torrent is 24 hours. Minimum required ratio is 0.5 and no zip-rar content is uploaded!
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