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- This game for the region RUSSIA (except for the Crimea!) -
- The activation instruction is found below in the additional information -
- Check your region ( -

Rust - multiplayer game independent British company Facepunch Studios, best known for Garry´s Mod (2004), development based on the engine Source. The game has the influences of DayZ, Minecraft and Stalker. Originally the game was a clone DayZ, which Facepunch Studios decided to create because of the lack of reliability of the original. Over time, in Rust appeared animals, hunting, crafting, armor and other features.

To survive, the player must collect resources and create items. Resources include clothing, food, wood, and other things. Some of the items can be obtained from the wild life of the island. From the start of the game a list of weapons, clothing and building materials to be obtained is issued. As you go through the drawings come across, on which you can make advanced items. Drawings can be found in hidden boxes, from dead NPCs, in property stolen from the bases of other players. All this time, the player is threatened with hunger, hypothermia, animal attack, drowning, falling into areas with increased radiation and other hazards. Finally, the world is full of gangsters and zombies.
Instructions for activation:
1. Check your region (
2. Enter a link to your account (Open Steam => Profile => Right-click => Copy page address)
3. Make sure your profile is open to friends.
4. Pay for the purchase.
5. Expect our request to add to Steam´s friends (from 10.00 to 01.00 on MSK from 10 minutes, if the purchase will be paid later, expect the next morning)
6. Accept our request to add to friends.
7. Accept the paid game.
04.07.2018 10:53:23
Все пришло быстро,спасибо )
03.07.2018 14:10:07
02.07.2018 19:04:30
Огромное спасибо за данный продукт, рекомендую данного продавца
02.07.2018 15:27:11
Себе купить не смог ибо не заметил что только Россия,зато друга порадовал.
02.07.2018 13:28:34
02.07.2018 13:22:39
Reliable and Fast.
02.07.2018 10:34:29
спс большое очень быстро
29.06.2018 18:00:23
Я наложал с графой МОЙ ПРОФИЛЬ СТИМ. Но я написал в поддержку. Через час продавец мне ответил. Спасибо продавцу
28.06.2018 20:26:31
28.06.2018 19:40:41
Все получил
28.06.2018 18:50:38
все очень быстро и хорошо
27.06.2018 22:54:12
круто я через VPN
27.06.2018 20:10:58
Что хотел, то и получил! Были маленькие задержки на добавление в друзья, а так все пучком :)
27.06.2018 17:36:27
Всё пройшло отлично, продавец общительный. Рекомендую.
11.03.2016 14:37:36
Все пришло, сразу же
09.03.2016 17:14:26
Ура! У меня есть Раст! Спасибо!
09.03.2016 15:45:18
Спасибо всё быстро !

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