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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$5 the discount is 1%
$100 the discount is 5%

-After paying for the goods, you will INSTANTLY receive a Twitch account with Twitch Prime status activated to receive Path of Exile bonuses: Divine Cosmetic Bundle from Twitch Prime

- You will be transferred to the login page with a password from TWITCH after payment + a letter with them will be sent to the email you specified when paying (spam also check)

-The account will be in the form of a LOGIN: PASSWORD


-At the account is NOT AVAILABLE Twitch Free Sub, there will be no replacements of such accounts, keep this in mind when buying !!!

- Bonuses to other games are not guaranteed, buy only for Path of Exile: Divine Cosmetic Bundle !!!

-Twitch Prime account itself will work no more than 1-3 days, keep this in mind before you buy and immediately use the Runescape bonus !!!

-Activation of Path of Exile

1. Follow the link -
2. Click on the "Claim Now" button.
3. Log in to your purchased Twitch account.
4. Click on the "Claim Now" button again and then click on "Link accounts to use loot"
5. Log in to your Path of Exile account and link accounts. Accruing a bonus can take up to 24 hours, if not immediately, then wait
You can also order additional services from us for HEARTHSTONE, TWITCH PRIME and much more, a list

All of our products at the link below:

-Contact us via Plati or Skype in-house chat and we will answer all your questions!

-Thank you very much for your purchases and reviews, especially for you cumulative system of discounts!
25.05.2019 14:47:44
14.03.2019 20:58:59
Всё отлично. :)
13.03.2019 0:38:52
Все получилось спасибо
10.03.2019 18:55:42
10.03.2019 16:32:32
Быстро и отлично.
24.10.2018 12:02:34
09.10.2018 17:36:34
Если б не один человек я б во обще не знал за это длс.....
09.10.2018 16:49:44
Продавец ток+ответил мгновенно была проблема. Рекомендую
03.10.2018 16:41:09
Всё активировалось без проблем
03.10.2018 12:44:13
все активировалось