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Activation: Uplay
Region: Russia and CIS (Russian Federation, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine)
Localization: Russian
Release date: March 1, 2016 (release date is tentative and may be changed by owner)
Publisher: UBISOFT
Developer: Ubisoft Entertainment

►The structure of the publication:◄
• Far Cry Primal
• Legend of the mammoth: 3 additional jobs (about 45 minutes).
• New weapon - the Blood Shasti: cudgel made of bone, studded with teeth and blood-soaked enemies. Once it belonged to Ullu, the evil leader of udam. A club cannot be broken or burnt.
• 4 sets, providing early access to rare resources and opportunities of individualization:
- SET the "saber-TOOTHED TIGER": an early access to the skins of animals for manufacturing subjects. In Wrose will have a special saber-toothed tigers is the embodiment of fiery anger.
- SET "OWL":early access to resources for crafting items. Put your hands on special characters in the tribe. Feathers the color of a storm cloud will give your owl a unique appearance.
- A SET of "MAMMOTH":early access to the recipe of a potion that increases stamina. In Wrose will appear mysterious ash mammoths.
- SET BOMBS: two additional bombs to help you survive in this harsh world.

►Game description:◄
The Far Cry series that gave you such a crazy adventure in the tropics and in the Himalayas, this one will take you there, where the struggle for survival will be intense as ever. Among beautiful vast open world inhabited by an amazing fauna, with you anything can happen. Be prepared for the unexpected!

You will find yourself in the stone age, and therefore in mortal danger. Land completely belongs to mammoths and saber-toothed tigers, and man is somewhere in the beginning of the food chain. You are the last survivor of a group of hunters. You have to manufacture lethal weapons, to protect themselves from wild animals, fight hostile tribes for territory and to prove that you are not prey, and predator.

►Game features◄
Your character´s name is Thakkar. His life has only one goal - to survive in a world where people are considered easy prey.
- Refine your skills and lead your tribe to prosperity.
- Use unusual characters, which will help to overcome the dangers of the wild.
- Fight with warlike tribes, ready to do anything to erase you and your friends with the face of the earth.
- Kill wild animals and enemies to prove that you are the most dangerous predator in Wrose.

You are the first person on Earth who will try to tame the most dangerous creatures.
- Tame animals that will meet you on the way to help you when needed. To start, try to tame an owl: she can see the countryside from a height.
- Each animal has a unique ability: the wolf always warn the owner about the danger, saber tooth tiger will help get more resources, Jaguar discreetly attack your enemy, and bear will crush any obstacle.
- To move to the back of the animal - much faster than walking.

It´s not just the stone age. It´s the stone age in the world of Far Cry - an era of true insanity and unbridled power.
- Find enemy outposts and go on the attack, using weapons made from bones of dead animals.
- Learn to use fire to gain tactical advantage in battles with hostile tribes.
- Pursue their prey to deliver a fatal blow. But be careful - the smell of blood would attract other predators.
- In the stone age your Arsenal of deadly weapons will be particularly diverse.
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ATTENTION: the Given key to activate in Uplay.

How to start playing Far Cry Primal :
•If you have not installed Uplay client, download and install it . (http://uplay.ubi.com/)
•Sign in with your Uplay account or register a new one if you don´t have one.
•Click on the image "Gear" and select "Activate product".
•Enter the activation key (to obtain it you must buy Far Cry Primal).
•After that, the game appears in your library of games and you can download Far Cry Primal.
13.03.2018 16:15:42
Всё отлично, спасибо.
09.02.2018 19:53:49
Игра пришла сразу после оплаты, уже активировал, все четко
26.01.2018 20:27:55
Спасибо. Все отлично.
16.10.2017 6:27:51
Все пришло спасибо
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26.01.2017 13:08:15
спасибо! пришел ключ сразу, все активировалось, продавца рекомендую!)
05.01.2017 17:31:12
Спс. Все быстро и хорошо
04.01.2017 12:51:15
Все гуд! Спасибо
24.12.2016 21:19:53
покупаю второй раз..все хорошо ..спасибо
20.12.2016 18:55:40
Все быстро и качественно!
На все мои вопросы ответили моментально
12.12.2016 2:59:44
Покупка и активация прошли успешно!
05.12.2016 21:10:16
Всё ок, спасибо.
05.12.2016 1:35:00
Моментально пришел ключ, активировал все отлично, хотеть подарок)
22.09.2016 21:48:05
Подарок можно?)
20.08.2016 12:52:57
Игра пришла, все норм :)
10.08.2016 18:14:16
спасибо) всё активировалось)
18.06.2016 21:09:32
quick :) thanks
17.03.2016 22:30:18
Все гуд.Хочу подарок :)
15.03.2016 17:27:06
Спасибо! Ключ прешел моментально, все работает все супер!
14.03.2016 19:17:05

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