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recharge codes for face value (5000 rubles.)

SMS-REG.COM provides the ability to use the virtual mobile number for receiving SMS messages.
After payment you will receive a unique code.
Next to your account on the page "Deposit code"
-Zhmёm Button (replenishment codes)
Entering the code
-Zhmёm Button to enroll!
-And Balance instantly updated!
These recharge codes have an advantage due to the instantaneous balance replenishment can not be said about the payment aggregators ...

Video instruction "How to replenish balance with recharge codes !!!"

DO NOT forget to leave feedback after the purchase !!!
31.10.2018 16:16:49
все отлично работает, спасибо
10.07.2018 12:22:00
Сертификат, был уже использован
Исправили проблему оперативно, в течении дня. Спасибо!

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