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Game description:
Minecraft - this indie sandbox game in the genre with elements of survival and open world. In style, the game world consists entirely of blocks (landscape items, mobs, the player), and used for texturing texture in low resolution (16 × 16 texels). The gameplay in the game is simple - players collect resources to build houses, castles and entire cities. Restrictions in Minecraft is actually no other than the height level - the rest of the players are free to do whatever they want.

Info User:
1. Immediately after payment you will receive your login details to your account license Minecraft - mail and password (data from e-mail accounts, we do not provide.);
2. pass authorization on the official website (;
3. Download the game client.

What does "Minecraft Premium":
• Premium is necessary in order to obtain a licensed version of Minecraft;
• The ability to put yourself skin (this is how it will look the player in the game);
• Ability to play on the Premium-servers (there are very few);
• Ability to play on servers MineZ (;
• The ability to access the server, even if it is full.
• When you log on the server there is no inscription "Try 3 seconds";
• When inventory is not depleted of death
- Purchased items not refundable. Possible replacement, if you provide weighty reasons for this (non-business data, freezing of account)
- Threats, blackmail, insults towards the seller in correspondence - lock your purchases and further appeal to you in administration
- Manibek provided if you are proven right, but the seller does not have a replacement, the corresponding description of goods purchased
- If you have a complaint on the quality of the purchased item, you must inform the seller immediately after the purchase. Later claims are
- All products are tested daily and the chance to get a non-working items negligibly small!
21.01.2018 18:18:30
не подходит
21.01.2018 14:57:45
Всё работает на ура! Спасибо продавцу!
20.01.2018 20:05:18
20.01.2018 11:53:27
Не верный логин или пароль верните деньги пожалуйста (
20.01.2018 11:52:43
Спасибо всё работает!
19.01.2018 22:57:43
18.01.2018 22:22:32
16.01.2018 14:08:15
15.01.2018 22:24:00
Everything is OK
13.01.2018 13:37:00
The seller refuses to replace the account!! Do not buy from him, I made positive review because I cannot make negative.
12.01.2018 18:08:04
10.01.2018 10:57:24
Всё отлично.
09.01.2018 17:46:24
Все работает! Огромное Спасибо!
05.01.2018 23:33:48
С аккаунтом обещали разобраться, все хорошо.
05.01.2018 16:25:56
Всё хорошо !
05.01.2018 13:36:03
Предоставили отличный аккаунт, рад покупке.
04.01.2018 23:10:09
оки се
04.01.2018 23:09:32
Всё ок
04.01.2018 21:36:40
04.01.2018 20:43:05

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