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Description of the game Football Manager 2016

Football Manager is the most realistic football management game and the game experience is the closest to the present work of the Manager. Taking control of any club from more than 50 countries around the world, you decide who will play and who will Polish the bench, dealing with the media and engage with players. You define the tactics for the match, talking with the team, make substitutions, give instructions from the sidelines and watching the match with a beautiful three-dimensional engine.
●The creation of the club
Add the game in your own club using the function "Create club". Think of the club name, select colors, and create a team, which only your heart desires, and you can even add yourself and a friend.
●Fantastic draft
Create your dream team and invite your friends to "Fantastic draft". Due to the beginning of a fixed budget, each Manager creates a team from scratch, competing with other managers in the quest to sign the best talents before head to head mini-League.
●Improved matches
Thanks to more than 2,000 new animations, along with many other graphical improvements and more powerful AI, the matches of Football Manager 2016 is the best there is at the moment.
●Analysis of matches in the system Prozone
Cooperation with Prozone Sports Interactive, the leading provider of sports statistics has led to a comprehensive processing of in-game tools to analyse matches, bringing in it added many useful features, and the system became much more revealing and clear.
●The instrument for the establishment of standard provisions
Powerful, yet handy tool for creating standard clauses in Football Manager 2016 allows managers to set some standard provisions for use in a variety of tactical schemes, with different positions for each performer, new variants of zonal marking etc.
●More realistic injuries
The company Sports Interactive worked with a number of physiotherapists, doctors and relevant organizations to provide a more realistic than ever, the image of the injuries and their treatment in Football Manager 2016. This does not mean that injuries will be less, but receive the treatment and those that will have the spot now looks more realistic. Injuries are defined right now during matches, added new types of injuries, and now between the state of the player and his performance in the match there was a noticeable dependence.
●Enhanced interaction with the press
Press conferences have become more diverse than ever before: with the press now, it´s a lot of new conversations, especially contextual questions and answers. In addition, unemployed managers now can use media interviews to get back in the game.
28.02.2019 21:43:33
спасибо все ок
13.12.2016 14:00:16
всё отлично пришло быстро
20.10.2016 0:27:02
всё отлично, спасибо!
27.09.2016 9:40:55
Все ок
27.08.2016 12:50:24
Спасибо, все пришло. Советую.
22.08.2016 15:41:28
Всё отлично! Быстро!
15.08.2016 15:02:57
01.08.2016 12:35:37
Спасибо. Все нормально.

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