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The book deals with the basic concepts related to the hydraulic regime building systems - heating, ventilation, hot and cold water. There are ways of engineering calculation in hot water heating systems, pressure loss, air and water networks, focused on the use of the Excel electronic tables with a maximum reduction in the need for additional reference materialah.Izlozheny methods of analytical determination of local resistance coefficients tees in heating and ventilation systems. Recommendations for the calculation of the estimated water consumption for domestic water supply system with a given security without the use of tabular data.

   A simplified algorithm for calculating the indoor air distribution and selection of air handling units suitable for use in the design of ventilation systems. The presentation is accompanied by examples of calculations on the proposed procedures, as well as the necessary circuits, reference tables and nomograms. The publication can be useful to carry out course and diploma projects of students enrolled in an undergraduate program in the direction of 270 800 "Construction" (profiles of "Heat and ventilation", "Water supply and sanitation" and others.), As well as engineers to perform design work.
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